Earn more money and serve your clients better with personalized wedding gift registries from Gively.

More money, without booking more clients or raising your prices.

Who wants another rice cooker? No one, that's who. With a registry from Gively, your clients will get exactly what they want for their wedding; more of your photographs to help them relive their big day, every day.

Here's what a few of our members are saying

Ben Hartley

“Gively has opened doors for couples who previously could not afford us ... [it] allows couples to register any portion of their photography services with us just like they would register at Pottery Barn or Target. Our clients love it because they can ask guests to give in a way that will actually last; their memories!”

Ashley and Coty Henry

“Gively has really helped us in the 'selling' aspect of the meeting. Couples know it’s an investment to hire us and this helps them with that decision.”

Erica Coffman

“My clients love Gively! Not all of them use it, but most do and everyone who has used it has given me very positive feedback ... [it] has allowed my clients to build the photography collection of their dreams.”

Sarah Case

“Since I mainly photograph expecting or new parents, mostly everyone is already very familiar with the idea of a virtual registry, and my clients become instantly excited when I tell them that a registry is an option. More times than once, this has helped me to "close to deal", and it's given me a slight edge over my competition.”

Here's how this works

  1. You create a list of things you offer above and beyond your base package; the products and services your clients may like to have but can't always fit into their budget. This is what your clients will be able to to register for.
  2. Spend as much or as little time as you'd like customizing our out-of-the-box color scheme and copy; add your logo and a profile pic if you'd like.
  3. Put in your clients' names, wedding dates, email addresses and an optional pic. Press a button and we'll fire off an introductory email to them all, telling them where to register and how to share with their family and friends.
  4. BAM! You're done. Simply add new clients as you sign them. We'll email you whenever someone places a gift order; don't worry, we'll email your client to let them know as well.

Here's why it works

You know you're supposed to "charge what you're worth," but this well-intentioned advice often ignores a commonsense reality: many great clients will love what you do, but they're also working within a real-world budget. This means they have to make hard choices about what they can and cannot afford.

What's more, many of your couples now get engaged later into their personal and professional lives; they no longer need the things engaged couples once traditionally registered for. However, their family and friends still want to celebrate their wedding day with a meaningful gift.

When you offer your clients gift registries via Gively, you're solving a real problem for your clients while maximizing your own opportunities as well.

Is Gively right for me?

Gively may be a great fit if:

  • Your clients often see value in your higher priced offerings, but are unable to afford them.
  • Business is good but you'd like to kick it up a notch.
  • Your clients tend to embrace an unconventional approach.
  • You see registries as a way to deliver more value to your clients, while earning more yourself!

Gively may not be a great fit if:

  • Cost usually isn't a factor in your clients' decision making.
  • You're just starting out and focused on the fundamentals.
  • You typically serve a more traditional clientele who are hesitant to break from well-established customs.
  • Your pricing or workflow doesn't naturally lend itself to upsells.

Questions you may be asking yourself

Do I really want to manage yet another website?

We've worked hard to make Gively ridiculously easy to use.

As you book new clients, you can add them to Gively and shoot them an introductory email in less than sixty seconds. It automates the gift purchase process; an online storefront available twenty-four hours a day.

Finally, we make it easy for your clients to share it with their guests, thanks to customizable email templates, social media integration and more.

Will I have to completely restructure my packages to take advantage of Gively?

Most of our members don't need to make significant changes: however, it really depends on what you'd like to sell more of.

We generally recommend you identify products or services which are natural up-sells, above and beyond your minimum required package structure and allow your clients to register for them.

How will I receive payment for any gift purchases?

For simplicity and security, all gift payments are made directly to your PayPal or Stripe account. We don't touch these funds or collect a commission of any kind on orders placed.

I'm not a wedding photographer; can I still use Gively in my business?

Absolutely! It's easy to offer gift registries which are customized to a wide variety of products, services and special events, even simultaneously.

Let's Do This

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Join the hundreds of wedding photographers who are already serving thousands of their clients with personalized gift registries using Gively.

  • Highly customizable; supports multiple brands; use for weddings, baby and more
  • Templates get you up and running quickly
  • Process all gift purchases simply and securely
  • No limits, no hidden fees and no nonsense
  • Maximize every booking
  • Instant competitive advantage
  • Built-in social proof

Gively is available in two flavors: a web app (we host it) and a WordPress plugin (you host it). There are advantages to each:


  • A web app: we host it
  • Highly customizable
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Available only to residents of the United States, Canada and Australia
  • Truly free trial *; then $9.95/mo

* Your truly free trial is unlimited up until the point that you receive your first paid gift order. At that time, all of your current registries will remain active, but you won't be able to add new clients until you upgrade to a paid membership.

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Gively WP

  • A WordPress plugin: you host it
  • Fully customizable
  • Requires PHP 5.6+, WordPress 4.7+ and a Stripe or PayPal account; use of SSL and SMTP email plugin are strongly recommended
  • Available worldwide
  • $79 for one year of updates and email support**, or $199 for lifetime updates and email support

** Gively WP will continue to function indefinitely after license expiration, however you will cease to receive automatic updates and email support. Both plugins are backed by our fourteen-day, money-back guarantee.

$79 for Gively WP $199 for Gively WP Elite